Bawlamerese Glossary

As the popularity of "Crabs For Christmas" grew, more and more people have told me how my Bawlamerese has brought back fond memories of days gone by. I understand. I am a native "Baltimoron." Born in Arbutus, I rented a place off "Blair" Road and have owned a house in Hampden, so, to me, Bawlamerese is the comforting sound of friends and neighbors. I guess others feel the same way and that's why they've put "Crabs" in the mail so that friends and family could have a little "home for the holidays."

Over the years I've seen Baltimore grow and become more cosmopolitan. And I've listened as the accent has slowly dissolved into the homogenization of America. I made this album to help preserve that sound, as well as to celebrate Baltimore's true "everyman" and "everywoman."

Or as we in Baltimore might say:

"Hiya Hons! Alluh dese words is stuff yousel hear on mah alblum."


Amlance : Will take you to the horsepital.

Arn : Will press your pants.

Baffroom : Where the terlet is.

Beehive Hair : The tall hairstyle worn by a true Bawlamer Hon.

Blair Road : spelled "Belair Road."

Cammer : Where you put your fillum.

Chimbley : It's on top of the ruff.

Downer Point : Down to Fells Point.

Earl : an engine lubricant or Earl's name.

Farplace : Fireplace.

Festivus : Raven-ese for "Play-Off".

Formstone : A cement, stone-shaped rowhouse application.

Iggles : Eagles.

Merde : French for "ca-ca".

Natty Bo : National Bohemian Beer.

Orster : where you get perls.

Po-lice : To protect and Serve.

Ruff : What you hammer your shingles onto.

Sem-lem : A convenience store.

Stoop : Marble steps in front of a Baltimore Row Home.

Tars : What your car rides on.

Youse All : All of you.

Zink - where you wash dirty dishes.



Artie Donovan : Baltimore Colts Defensive Tackle.

Babe ö George Herman Ruth, "The Sultan of Swat".

Blaze Starr : Owner of the 2 0'clock Strip Club on the block.

Bob Irsay : Don't you ever mention his name to me again!

Boog Powell : Oriole's first baseman and bar-b-que chef.

Calvert : George Calvert, the first Lord Baltimore.

Captain Fury : Kid Show Host played by Bob McAllister.

Carroll : Charles Carroll, signed the Declaration Of Independence

Douglass : Frederick Douglass, fought for the 13th, 14th, & 15th Amendements to the Constitution.

Earl Weaver : Orioles Manager.

Elaine Stein : WBAL Radio personality.

Hyman Pressman : Baltimore City Comptroller and poet.

Jerry Turner : WJZ-TV newscaster.

J. P. : Puppet (operated by Cal Schuman) who co-hosted the weather and children's programs on WBAL-TV.

Lorenzo : A tramp who hosted a WJZ-TV kids show.

Louis L. Goldstein : Maryland State Comptroller.

Marshall : Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American Supreme Court Justice.

Marty Bass : WJZ-TV morning host and weatherman par excellance.

Mencken : H.L. Mencken, Baltimore Sun writer.

Mister Diz : Race track aficionado Frank Rosenfeld.

Miss Nancy : Host of "Romper Room".

Miss Rhea : Rhea Feikin, local television personality.

Pete The Pirate : Kid Show Host played by Lary Lewman.

Rosa : Rosa Ponsell, Internationally renowned Opera Singer.

Stu Kerr : WMAR-TV personality.

Szold : Henrietta Szold, educator who founded the Women's Zionist Organization, Hadassah.

Tubman : Hariett Tubman, freed more than 300 slaves by way of the Underground Railroad.

Vince Bagli : WBAL-TV Sportscaster.

Wally Orlinski : City Council President and Millenium Cake architect

William Donald Schaefer : Mayor of Baltimore· um, I mean, Governor· no, I mean, State Comptroller, um, I mean...



The Block : Adult District of Baltimore (now about 1/2 block).

The City Fair : Part carnival, part block party, now history.

The Constellation : Docked in the Inner Harbor it is the last all sail battleship built by the US Navy.

The Dove : A ship that, along with the Ark, carried some of the first Europeans to Maryland.

The Grand : Movie Palace in Highlandtown.

Haussner's : German Restaurant/Art Museum.

Homicide : TV series by Barry Levinson filmed in Baltimore.

Hoschild Kohn : Department store chain.

The Little Tavern : Tiny restaurant chain once famous for its mini-hamburgers.

The Pride : A Baltimore Clipper ship known as the Goodwill Ambassador for Maryland and Baltimore.

Skipjack : A type of sloop, now the State Boat of Maryland.

White Oak : State Tree of Maryland.



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